Stream of consciousness Sunday: The Accumulator, part fifteen…

18 Dec

Here we go again, it’s SoCS time, this week using Linda G Hill’s prompt to continue this thrilling tale of mystery by using;

” “moot.” Use it as the theme of your post or just use the word in a stream of consciousness post about something else. “

Something else it is, then…

The Accumulator, part fifteen.

Scene: Patrick and Cathy’s cottage in the hills of the French countryside. Cathy is standing on the veranda waiting for Patrick to arrive, following his panicked phone call. It is two years ago.

As Cathy looks nervously at her watch, we hear the sound of an approaching vehicle and a few seconds later, Patrick’s battered hatchback comes hurtling round the last corner into their yard and skids to a halt in a cloud of dust. He leans across and flings open the passenger door, leaving the engine racing.

“Get in!”

Cathy runs down the steps, throws a hastily packed bag into the back seat and climbs in, shooting Patrick a worried look as she secures her seatbelt; a sensible precaution as it turns out, because as soon she closes her door, Patrick guns the engine and the wheels spin, spitting gravel at the cottage’s gingham-curtained windows as the car speeds away from their refuge for the last time.


Scene: A car, heading out of Concarneau. The two Department men in it are intently studying every vehicle they pass, clearly angry their prey has escaped.

“Where is that piece of shit Renault of his?” says the driver, a young man with a square jaw and a fanatical gleam in his eye, banging the steering wheel in frustration, “It can’t have got far, I’m surprised he got the fucking thing started, heap of junk.”

“Thinks he’s being inconspicuous, doesn’t he?” says his older companion, in a tone of voice which suggests a craftsman, passing on arcane knowledge to an apprentice, “Got to fit in, see? Buy a cheap local vehicle, let everyone see you’re not some knob from the city, come to buy up all the land for holiday homes, buy all your shopping at the crappy local market and, most important of all, learn the lingo,” he winked broadly, “coz then they think you’re making an effort and take you to their hearts and minds, and, well, you know, all that bollocks.”

“Doesn’t mean he can make his bloody car invisible though, does it?” asked the young driver, turning to sneer at his passenger, an expression that turned to one of puzzlement as he saw the way the other man was staring ahead of him in horror, his arms already coming up to protect his face from…what?

The driver simultaneously slammed his foot on the brakes and snapped his head round to look out the windscreen; just in time to see Patrick’s geriatric Renault 5 plough straight into the front of his shiny new BMW and, surprisingly, it was traveling at quite high speed.


Scene: Patrick’s car, speeding down narrow roads he has come to know well in the last few years. 

Cathy hangs grimly onto the rattling dashboard with one hand and her seat with the other, as Patrick takes another corner at an inadvisable velocity; only narrowly avoiding an old woman on a bicycle, who wobbles dangerously and shakes an angry fist at the strange Englishman and his incomprehensible girlfriend as they flash past her.

“Could you slow down, just a little bit? It’d be annoying if you did their job for them, after all this time…”


He points ahead, further down the hillside, to where glimpses of a black BMW can be seen as it climbs the snaking country road towards them.

“Excuse me, I asked you…”

“Hold on.” he says, “Oh, and you might want to tighten your seatbelt.” 

With that, ignoring Cathy’s protests at whatever the hell he thinks he’s doing, as she nevertheless frantically straps herself down tight and takes a firmer grip on the least rickety part of the car’s interior, Patrick stamps on the accelerator and manages to build up a very respectable speed by the time they reach the next corner and their rendezvous with the men from The Department.

All of which made Cathy’s unanswered question rather a moot point.


To be continued (using next week’s prompt {which can now be found HERE})…

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6 responses to “Stream of consciousness Sunday: The Accumulator, part fifteen…

  1. John W. Howell

    December 22, 2016 at 21:52

    Running behind, Dale. This was very exciting. Nice job.

    • dalecooper57

      December 22, 2016 at 21:59

      Thanks, John, but don’t worry about being behind, I’ve given up trying to catch up now.


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