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#atozchallenge: T is for Teresa and Thomas…

The final full week of this year’s #atozchallenge starts off with another double header in my B to Z of Twin Peaks, taking one character from each end of the story so far, chronologically speaking.

Teresa Banks only appears in the prequel movie, Fire Walk With Me, but she is the reason Special Agent Dale Cooper comes to Twin Peaks in the first place.
Cooper is convinced Teresa and Laura Palmer are both victims of the same killer and thinks his insights into the mind of Teresa’s murderer will helps direct his investigation, while searching for Laura’s.

Thomas Eckhardt, on the other hand, doesn’t arrive in town until the second half of season two and his appearance sets off a chain of events that we will only really find out the full extent of when the show returns, in a little less than a month’s time.

Eckhardt is a South African tycoon who was in business with Andrew Packard, before Andrew’s mysterious death in a boating accident. He comes to Twin Peaks in search of his “property”, Josie Packard, whom he claims to have rescued from a life of poverty on the streets of Hong Kong.

Here he is, sporting a rather fetching Woolhouse Boys scarf.

#atozchallenge: T is for Teresa and Thomas.

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#atozchallenge: S is for Shelley…

For my “S” post in the #atozchallenge, I’m inducting another regular character into my B to Z of Twin Peaks, one who seems to be universally liked by fans, possibly because of her damsel in distress storyline.

Shelley Johnson is a waitress at the Double R Diner (purveyors of Twin Peaks’ justly famous damn fine coffee and cherry pie) and is unhappily married to everyone’s favourite rent-a-thug, Leo.

Having said that, the first time we see Shelley, she appears to be involved with Bobby Briggs, Laura’s boyfriend, a dangerous game to be playing, considering Leo’s fiery temper.

Shelley dropped out of high school to marry Leo; a bad move as it turns out, since, according to her, all he wanted was “a maid he didn’t have to pay” and she is regularly a victim of domestic abuse.

Not surprising then, that she chooses to hook up with Bobby behind Leo’s back, leading to a series of events that intersect with several strands of the larger story, via Leo’s involvement with the drug trade and Ben Horne.

Here is a very cute scene, with David Lynch’s character, Gordon Cole chatting up Shelley in the Double R, (the chemistry between Lynch and Madchen Amick is obvious) much to the displeasure of Bobby.

And here are a couple of my Woolhouse Boys pictures, an official Showtime TV promo…

…and one I did at the request of founder Woolhouse Boy, Joel Peacock (with the promise of a yet-to-appear reward…) of Madchen in a rather fetching woolkini;

#atozchallenge: S is for Shelley.

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#atozchallenge: R is for Rosenfield…

The “R” entry in the #atozchallenge is a bitter sweet one, because we arrive at the point in my B to Z of Twin Peaks when we pay tribute to possibly my favourite character, played by Miguel Ferrer, who sadly died in January, soon after filming his reprised role for season three.

Albert Rosenfield is a top flight FBI forensics expert, called in to assist Agent Cooper in the investigation of Laura’s murder. He is, as Cooper rightly says “lacking in the social niceties”, an understatement if ever there was one, but his abrasive manner and blunt honesty make for some excellent comic relief.

I love Albert, he makes me smile whenever he comes on the screen and the scene where he listens to Big Ed explaining how Nadine lost her eye gets funnier every time I see it.
But the best way to illustrate Miguel’s brilliant portrayal of a man who you really shouldn’t like but can’t help loving, is to let him introduce himself, so here is Albert arriving in Twin Peaks for the first time and leaving quite an impression.

Miguel Ferrer 1955 – 2017
#atozchallenge: R is for Rosenfield.


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#atozchallenge: Q is for Queen…

Ah, I bet you thought I’d be stuck for today’s #atozchallenge, trying to think of a Q word to crowbar into my B to Z of Twin Peaks, but I’ve managed to think of a not-completely-tenuous link that fits the bill.

At the end of season two, Windom Earle uses the annual Miss Twin Peaks beauty pageant to decide the fate of one of the town’s young women.

This is where Pete Martell‘s chess skills come in handy, trying to prevent the Queen being captured in a diabolical battle of wits.

I think I just about pulled it off, don’t you?

#atozchallenge: Q is for Queen.

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#atozchallenge: O is for One…

Ok, I missed a day somehow, I don’t know why, so we shall go backwards in the #atozchallenge, to the letter O, where my B to Z of Twin Peaks takes a quick look at the only two “O”s I can think of from the series.

One Eyed Jack’s is a brothel and casino owned by Ben Horne, located a short boat ride away, just over the Canadian border.
Ben also owns the Great Northern Hotel in Twin Peaks and whenever he wants to entertain investors or business associates, he and his brother, Jerry Horne, take a trip across the water to sample the delights “Jack’s” has to offer.

A major part of the main plot concerns the illicit cross border drug trade which centres around One Eyed Jack’s and many strands of the story converge here, so it definitely deserves a place in this list, despite not being an actual character.
The One Armed Man aka “Mike”, aka Philip Gerard is, depending on who you believe, a mild mannered shoe salesman or a supernatural killer’s reformed familiar/nemesis. 

He appears in Cooper’s dream, warning about the danger of “Bob” and claiming to be trying to stop him from killing again.

And he sells shoes.

#atozchallenge: O is for One.


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#atozchallenge: P is for Palmer…

Today the #atozchallenge reaches the letter P in my B to Z of Twin Peaks and focuses on arguably the two most central characters.

The Palmer family is the very heart of the story, around which all other stories revolve.

Laura Palmer is, as far as most of the town is aware, the archetypal high school homecoming queen, a bright young woman with her whole life ahead of her; she’s dating Bobby Briggs, the captain of the football team, acting as special needs tutor to Johnny Horne and helping distribute meals on wheels to the elderly.

But beneath the surface of her wholesome public persona, there is another Laura, one who is haunted by horrific visions and memories of abuse at the hands of a man she calls only “Bob”.
Unknown to her family and all but her closest friends, Laura lives a secret double life, filled with darkness and pain, promiscuity and drugs, a life which finally drags her into a spiral of depravity from which there can be no escape.

Leland Palmer is a well liked and respected lawyer, who works for hotel owner and local tycoon, Benjamin Horne. His behaviour becomes increasingly erratic as the grief at losing his daughter in such a brutal fashion threatens to overwhelm him and we follow his descent into mental breakdown, as more and more revelations about Laura’s secret life come to light.

#atozchallenge: P is for Palmer.

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#atozchallenge: N is for Nadine…

Today, to start the third full week of #atozchallenge posts, I’m giving a place in my B to Z of Twin Peaks to one of the most consistently bonkers and oddball characters in the show.

One of the things that makes Twin Peaks such an immersive experience, is the way the supporting cast of disparate characters and their overlapping storylines are woven into the main plot, infusing the whole series with a unique atmosphere which is distinctly Lynchian.

Nadine Hurley is the wife of gas station owner and Bookhouse Boy, Big Ed Hurley and we discover early on that she has some interesting…quirks, for want of a better word.

Loud, brash, prone to extreme mood swings, fond of surreal non sequiturs and sporting an eye patch, the first time we see Nadine she is berating the long-suffering Ed for not helping with her latest brilliant idea; silent drape runners.

We soon discover that Ed and Nadine’s marriage is a strange and fragile thing, events tragically coming to a head as a result of the same obsession with silencing those pesky drape runners.

And after that, Nadine’s story gets even more peculiar.

Anyway here she is, bumping into Norma Jennings, (by coincidence, Big Ed’s mistress) on her way to add the final vital component to her invention.

#atozchallenge: N is for Nadine.


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