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K’lee and Dale’s Cosmic Photo Challenge…

Hello and welcome to another Monday and the latest edition of K’lee and Dale’s Cosmic Photo Challenge, which I have dictated the theme for this week.

I asked you to go Into the light, break the rules of conventional wisdom and shoot your photos directly towards a light source; let us see some creative (lens)flair and bright ideas.

I have compiled half a dozen shining examples of excessive brilliance, as well as creating a piece of video artwork (using just my phone, a kaleidoscope and a small flashlight) for one of my recent musical experiments, Inner Sphear.


Update: Here’s an old layering experiment I just found, merging Rhonda with the first of today’s photos…

…and I little gif I made today, using two glitter lamps.

K’lee’s photo for the day can be seen HERE.


To get involved with the challenge, post a photo to your blog on Monday, add a pingback to this post (or to K’lee’s) and don’t forget to tag your post #CosPhoChal.

Alternatively, add a link to your blog in the comments of either mine or K’lee’s post and we’ll come and check out your entry.
Any and all effects, editing, Photoshop, Instagram, morphing, collages or whatever other post production techniques you fancy are permitted, (in fact, they’re actively encouraged!) so get creative and turn your photos into artworks for the Cosmic Photo Challenge.



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Interview: The Bee talks with dalecooper57…

​A few weeks ago I was honoured to be invited to take part in an interview with Bee Halton, as part of her The Bee talks with… feature.

Well, I’m only now getting around to answering Bee’s questions and today you can discover what information she managed to wheedle out of me.
The questions all seem quite straightforward but, given my tendency to ramble, it’s anyone’s guess how long this will take, so I’d better get on with it…

1) How would you describe yourself in one paragraph? 

This is the sort of question that makes me wonder how honest we are about ourselves, because I immediately think of the way I am described by the people who know me; loud, verbose, opinionated, arrogant, immodest, sarcastic, the (not always complimentary) list goes on… At least that was generally the case, before I began writing Diary of an Internet Nobody, but recently I’m getting dangerously used to seeing words like “creative”, “talented” and even “artistic” being applied to me. Now, although I’m more than willing to accept the praise and plaudits of my peers in the blogging community, not even I (with all those aforementioned, uncomplimentary, but probably accurate characteristics) am comfortable using those terms to describe myself, not out loud anyway. So I think I’m going to have to go with somewhere in between, something along the lines of; inventive, persistent, determined, intelligent, (or at least clever, which isn’t the same thing, but it’s a convincing impression) friendly, generous and…oh alright, immodest, sarcastic and verbose, too.

2) A fun fact about you? 

Hmm, I’m not sure what constitutes a fun fact, but I was once nearly eaten by a drunken vegetarian at a party.

3) What made you write (draw, blog, paint, make music…) in the first place?

Oh, that’s an easy one. A friend of a friend who I met on Facebook (the irritatingly talented Mr Darmon Richter, writer of the highly successful Bohemian blog) encouraged me to start blogging, after I’d helped promote his work on social media, just over four years ago. I had no idea or plan for what I was going to write, (and still don’t) except that I would have no constant theme and that I would stubbornly insist on creating all original content on the blog, using only my smartphone (both of which mission statements remain true to this day) and it seems to be working ok so far.

The fiction came about, I suppose, because I had always been an avid reader and love a well-told story. Although having said that, it had never occurred to me to even attempt writing fiction until, out of curiosity, I decided to take part in Linda G Hill’s regular feature, Stream of consciousness Saturday Sunday, setting myself the challenge of writing a short story for each of her weekly prompts on the spur of the moment. 

As for all the other threads on the blog; the photography, video, animation and music, they too are a direct result of my introduction to the wonderful world of Google’s Android™ system. It’s amazing what you can do with a phone, few apps, a bit of imagination and the computing power of something you would have needed to carry around on a forklift twenty years ago. The fact that I’ve enjoyed taking pictures and have been an obsessive music fan since I was a teenager probably didn’t hurt either, but I have no actual musical knowledge or training and rely on the marvels of modern technology to make up the shortfall between my ingenuity and any genuine ability to carry a tune.

4) Which author/painter/musician… has influenced you and why? 

I’d probably say that, style-wise, I’m most influenced by the sadly late, but extremely great British writers, Douglas Adams and Terry Pratchett, both of whom had such a palpable love of language and how it can be made to inject humour into almost any situation. I also like the way Stephen King and Quentin Tarantino use non-linear storytelling to create suspense and mystery, so I try to incorporate that into my writing, too.

Musically, I’ve always had a very eclectic taste; ranging from rock, prog and metal, through punk, pop, dance and indie, veering wildly into jazz, folk and electronica, the latter of which is what was the biggest influence on me, when I first began mucking about with sequencers and loop making apps on my phone. Bands like Yello, Kraftwerk and New Order are old favourites, while more experimental artists like Crystal Castles and Aphex Twin have also informed some of my more abrasive attempts at audio creativity.

As for actual art, (drawing, painting, sculpture, etc) I have no aptitude for that whatsoever, choosing once again to resort to 21st century gadgets in order to bring my artistic visions to life.

5) What is your favourite book/painting/song? 

I’m fairly sure that anyone who has ever heard more than one song, read more than one book, or seen more than one painting will tell you that’s an almost impossible question to answer, so I’ll just pick one of each from the air, in no particular order of preference:
Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams.

Metamorphosis by MC Escher.

Spirit of Radio by Rush

6) Your writing/painting/ music making ritual (if you have one)? 

I sit down, I start writing, I see what happens. That’s about it, really.

7) Your secret “sin” when you write/draw/make music? 

It’s a secret, you’re right.

8) Do you suffer from artist’s block and if so, what do you do against it? 

This is very rarely a problem for me, because I only write when I want to (which is almost all the time now) and I’m never short of something to say, however nonsensical it might be. Whether that’s a good enough reason to keep on writing it down is another matter, but I continue to enjoy doing so nevertheless, because it gets more enjoyable each time.

9) Your advice for apprentice creatives? 

Another easy one; DO IT! 

Honestly, if I can do it, anyone can. Start a blog, (as I keep telling my friend Biff, who has so many stories, he already has enough material for about a hundred blog posts. Come on Biff, I know you’re reading this…) take some photos, paint a picture, form a band, even if you think you’ll be no good at it. 

Because if you don’t try, you’ll never know how much fun you’re missing out on, or find out what hidden talents you might have.

So, there you have it, as much random information about me as you could possibly wish for.

Thank you, Bee, for inviting me, it was a most thought-provoking experience. Here are a couple more of my musical selections to play us out…


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Travelling in time(lapse)…

One of the main reasons that I keep getting behind with posting stuff, is that I’m continually sidetracking myself with things which seem more interesting than whatever I’m doing at any given moment.

Yesterday, I thought that I’d better write some more in the collaborative space opera that is Starship Gypsies, as I have been very lax recently in keeping up with the story. But, despite my best intentions and having made good progress on a new new episode, my magpie mind soon drifted upwards, to the clouds above my head (serves me right for sitting out in the sunshine, I suppose) and to thoughts of trying out the timelapse feature on my camera.

So I stopped writing (I’ll get back to it this afternoon, honest I will) and set up my impromptu studio on the patio to do an experiment.

While I cooked Audrey and I some dinner, my trusty smartphone camera patiently clicked away in the garden, recording the passage of big fluffy clouds and gently waving trees. Then, full of spaghetti, meatballs and after dinner coffee, I began to apply the all-important “mucking about” element to the collected images.

I decided to add one of my swirly musical compositions to the resulting visual creation, after having run the original thirty second clip of the sky above our garden through several different editing treatments and ending up with the following, rather hypnotic, multi-media presentation.

So please sit back, relax and enjoy this little video for Speedwell


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Pluggin’, baby…

Yes, it’s time for another burst of shameless self promotion and a bit of a publishing update.

Both anthologies; Stories in Green Ink and Short Stories and Tall Tales, containing a total of four of my twisty mystery tales, (writing as Guy Thair) as well as an eclectic selection of work by other new writers, are still available for Kindle and in paperback. 

I was flattered to be asked to write an introduction to The Foodie Book; a charity fundraiser publication which compiles recipes, cooking tips and culinary anecdotes from around the world. It is still available, with sales going to support cancer charities.

Not only that, but due to an update of the WordPress mobile app’s post editor by their Happiness Engineers, you can now click the book artwork above and it will take you straight to the Amazon page of your choice.

As for upcoming releases; the lovely Catherine Broughton has once again honoured me by asking me to write another introduction, this time to a book of stories and poems for children, again with proceeds going to charity. 

And finally, Catherine is once more compiling a fiction anthology and she has asked me to submit another short story, so I’m going to try and convince her to take one with a sci-fi twist, (not a genre listed in the guidelines I was given, but it never hurts to ask) just because I’d like to see it in print.

So there you go, my published back catalogue and works in progress, all in one handy to digest post and, as a reward for your attention, here’s a musical gem to play us out; (Yeah, I know, I’ve probably posted it before, but it’s such a great song) Ladies and gentlemen, give it up for Muse…


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#atozchallenge: Y is for Yello…


I’ve spent today off work with my revolting cold, so the penultimate A-Z post is a bit of a cop out, I’m afraid.

Having reached the catarrh stage of my illness, the colour yellow has featured quite heavily in my day, so (tenuous link ahoy) I thought I’d post some tracks by one of my favourite bands, the uniquely odd and willfully retro Swiss electro wizards, Yello

I already have a post planned for tomorrow, so I’ll see you then for the final leg of the challenge.




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#atozchallenge: V is for Very excited…


So, we’re down to the final five days of the A-Z challenge and although it’s been an interesting month of randomly unplanned posts, there is one thing I haven’t manage to squeeze in and today I have an excuse.

Don’t worry, I’m not going to go on about it, I’ve already done that at some length in the past, but I can’t not mention the impending return of Twin Peaks, the greatest tv show of all time, bar none.

And yesterday we got further details of David Lynch‘s rebooted soap noir;
– Filming has been completed.
– Probable release date is very early 2017.
– UK release will be on Sky Atlantic, as they have exclusive rights to all original Showtime output (bad news for those of us without satellite tv)
– The cast list has been released, confirming a large number of original members are going to be back amongst the pines.
So, for those of you who are interested, here are those returning heroes in full:

Richard Beymer – Ben Horne
Catherine E Coulson – The Log Lady (scenes filmed before she sadly passed away last year)
Julee Cruise – Roadhouse Singer​
Jan D’Arcy – Sylvia Horne​
David Duchovny – Denise/Dennis Bryson​
Sherilyn Fenn – Audrey Horne
Miguel Ferrer – Albert Rosenfield
Warren Frost – Doctor William Hayward​
Harry Goaz – Deputy Andy Brennan​
Andrea Hays – Heidi​
Gary Hershberger –  Mike Nelson​
Michael Horse – Deputy Tommy ‘Hawk’ Hill​
David Patrick Kelly – Jerry Horne​
Sheryl Lee – Laura Palmer/Maddy Ferguson
Peggy Lipton – Norma Jennings
Bellina Martin Logan – Louie ‘Birdsong’ Budway
David Lynch – GORDON COLE
Kyle MacLachlan – Special Agent Dale Cooper
James Marshall – James Hurley
Everett McGill – ‘Big’ Ed Hurley
Walter Olkewicz – Jacques Renault​
Kimmy Robertson – Lucy Moran
Wendy Robie – Nadine Hurley​
Marv Rosand – Cook at the Double R Diner
Carlton Lee Russell – Jumping Man
Harry Dean Stanton – Carl Rodd
Charlotte Stewart – Betty Briggs​
Al Strobel – Philip Gerard/ ‘Mike’ The One-Armed Man​
Carel Struycken – The Giant​
Russ Tamblyn – Dr Lawrence Jacoby​
Ray Wise – Leland Palmer
Alicia Witt – Gersten Hayward
Grace Zabriskie – Sarah Palmer​

You’ll have to make your own minds up as to how some of these characters are being resurrected included in the plot, but it’s a good sign that the main body of the cast is still involved.

– More casting details have also been released, featuring a good many high profile surprises.
What do you reckon Lynch is going to do with the likes of;

Monica Bellucci
Michael Cera
Laura Dern
Sky Ferreira
Ernie Hudson
Jennifer Jason Leigh
Ashley Judd
Trent Reznor
Tim Roth
Amanda Seyfried
Jessica Szhor
Eddie Vedder
Naomi Watts

Ok, Laura Dern is a Lynch veteran, but Eddie Vedder and Trent Reznor? Really?

And then there’s this; Emre Unayli‘s amazing new artwork.


So yes, I think it’s safe to say that I’m VERY excited at the prospect of going back into the woods with FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper and friends.

Here’s the trailer…

…which, of course, tells you nothing whatsoever.

But then, I’d expect nothing less.
Roll on 2017.

If your thirst for Peakiness is piqued and you want even more details, GO HERE.

And if that hasn’t put you in the mood, here’s a Road House favourite from Julee Cruise, the lovely Rockin’ Back Inside My Heart.



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#atozchallenge: T is for Trans and TED…


Today’s A-Z post could just as easily be T for Topical, due to the amount of media coverage the Transgender community has had recently; notably for stories about Caitlyn Jenner, who controversially (and temporarily) won Glamour magazine’s “Woman of the Year” award and for the equally contentious Bathroom Bill, which seeks to ban transgender people from bathrooms that do not correspond to the gender specified on their birth certificates.

But that isn’t the reason for me choosing to use this as the topic for today’s post, I have a far more personal reason; I’d like to introduce you to a friend of mine.

Facebook has always been a fascinating way to make new friends; you can get to know people from all over the world, from all walks of life and from many different cultures (the ones that don’t think the internet is the work of the devil, anyway) and it’s almost inevitable that you will connect with people you never would have met, if you’d had to depend on bumping into them purely by coincidence.

Which is how I met Kelly.

I was introduced by a mutual friend, (one of the many Americans I got to know when I first joined Facebook, five years ago) who had been at school with Kelly and thought that she and I would get on. All my friend told me was that Kelly had recently transitioned from male to female and that she was an airline pilot.
Now, given my earlier statement about making interesting new friends, I could hardly pass up the chance to meet a transgender airline pilot, especially as those are two things I have all but the most infinitesimal chances of experiencing myself, so I got in touch with her and we have been friends ever since.

It wasn’t until I’d known her for a while, however, that I realised what a truly extraordinary woman Kelly is; that is really the only word I can think of that sums her up, there is nothing “ordinary” about her at all, every time I learn something new about her, it just confirms what an incredibly driven, compassionate and caring person she is.

Kelly’s story is one of faith, overcoming prejudice, personal loss and sacrifice and a strength of character and self-belief that most people can only wish for.
She works for an international courier and logistics company, which has allowed her to work with some amazing people, including her colleagues, both at home in Alaska and with children’s charities around the world.

Here are some of the photos that Kelly (on the right in the first picture) has taken on her travels, described in her own words;

“The greatest joy in my life is spending time with orphans. The blessings I receive from these children are immeasurable. It gives me a purpose and a chance to leave a legacy on the lives of children around the world. Thank you Dr. Joseph, for being my host and allowing me to learn more about this incredible place!

For those of you who have a passion for orphans as well, Harmony House could really use your support. Asia has an escalating HIV rate due to many factors and is now affecting young children. I’m including this link, written by my good friend Dr. Joseph. If you get a chance, please take a moment to read.



“This is my very dear friend Nicole, the Director of Harmony Home. We met for lunch yesterday to discuss ways to increase financial support for her nineteen shelters in Taiwan and China.

Her story is inspiring and started with her heart; to care for a college student who was dying of AIDS. His family had rejected him and the college expelled him. She took it upon herself to love him when nobody else would.

Combined with her passion, and her determination, she has touched hundreds and thousands of lives of those inflicted with this horrible disease. Today, Harmony Home cares for 102 adults, and over 1000 children. Her love for her children (adults included) is truly a reflection of what James writes, “Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress…” 

She has touched so many lives with such a limited budget. It is with great honor, to call her my friend.”


“Dr Joseph, is like a brother to me, and was there from the beginning standing by me through my transition. He has a heart and a passion for orphans worldwide and was recently nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Megan, is a very dear friend, who has a heart for orphans and recently developed a program to fund 30 orphans in Cambodia.

It’s people like them with such huge hearts that inspire me.”


“This evening we hosted over 300 children from the the Head Start Program. To many, this was their only Christmas and to see their faces lit up, brought more joy than one could imagine. To my fellow pilots who sacrifice a portion of their earnings to make these programs possible, you have my deepest gratitude.”

All of which is pretty amazing, I think you’ll agree; Kelly and her fellow pilots do fantastic work with these kids and really do light up their lives with their dedication and generosity.

But it’s when you hear Kelly tell her story in person, that’s when you truly understand what she has fought through to become the woman she is today. And last year she got the opportunity to do just that, when her logistics company teamed up with TED, the ideas sharing platform, to stage a series of talks on diversity and overcoming obstacles.

I don’t often ask much of you, my lovely readers, but I’d like you to do me a small favour, just this once.
I know you all  have busy lives and may not have time right now, but you’re bound to have a spare ten minutes tomorrow (it is Sunday, after all) so please watch Kelly’s talk in the video below, I don’t think anyone can fail to be moved by the courage and dignity with which she tackles an emotive and deeply personal subject.

You can learn more about Kelly and the TED/UPS talks at this link.


Update: Kelly has asked me to make it clear that she is part of a team and, as such, only a small part of the good work they all do.

“On my time off I volunteer as a charity coordinator for my pilot union in Anchorage.”

Like I said; modest to a fault.


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#atozchallenge: R is for Royalty…


“We” are celebrating a birthday today in the UK, although personally, I’m not that bothered.

Queen Elizabeth II is 90 years old today and I see no reason she shouldn’t be entitled to have a birthday, the same as anyone else, but I don’t feel any need to go out and wave a flag or hold a street party.
The royal family is one of those institutions that has a different image to different generations, I think.

For my parents’ generation, the royals were the epitome of Englishness, (despite the fact that they are, largely, German in origin) to be feted and cheered, to be seen kissing babies and accepting flowers from little children and waving in a genteel fashion.
A family of unabashed privilege who were somehow still seen as being in tune with their subjects and “suffered” alongside them in the war.

My generation are probably more cynical in their attitude, seeing a hugely entitled institution that has, in real terms, almost no influence over the country they purport to “rule” and one which seems increasingly out of touch with the society outside of it’s gilded gates.

The current generation is possibly more tolerant of them, having the wonder of mass media to beam glamorous pictures of fairytale princesses and their darling children into their lives, being able to watch the handsome  prince doing heroic things with helicopters and/or making a man-of-the-people dickhead of himself at fancy dress parties; it feels as though The Windsors (as I’m sure their inevitable tv reality show will be called) are part of the real world again.

And through it all, Liz has been quietly burrowing into the national psyche.

To be honest, to me at least, she’s always seemed the most normal and down to earth of the lot.
She looks like someone’s gran, she wears some pretty cool hats and she likes her horse racing.
She also looks like she could dole out a pretty good bollocking and her husband, well, he’s the best cantankerous old git you could possibly hope to sit next to at a bar for an hour or so.
He has offended practically every nationality and demographic on the planet but, for some reason, everyone still thinks he’s hilarious, because he absolutely doesn’t mean it, it’s just that his perspective is so spectacularly skewed by always having been able to say whatever he likes and have people laugh politely at his jokes.

I’ve never been overly impressed with their offspring, they all seem to have the slightly desperate air of a generation that knows its time is running out and, although their kids appear to have turned out ok, I think the English royal family has had its heyday and all the image makeovers and revivals it’s going to get and it wouldn’t be a bad thing for it to quietly fade away.

I have nothing against them really and you couldn’t pay me enough to swap places with them, but I don’t believe they are a necessary, relevant or financially viable commodity any more.
I know the argument is that they bring in huge amounts of tourist money, but I don’t think the tourists would stop coming if the royals vanished tomorrow; there is only so much time you can spend with your face pressed up against the gates, being impressed with how much richer somebody is than you.

And they never invite you in anyway.

In other royal news, Prince died today.
There is no need to say a whole lot more about that; he always let the music do the talking…



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#atozchallenge: K is for Rock…


Ummm, ok, it doesn’t begin with K.

But I’ve been run off my feet today and just haven’t had time to write anything, so I’m going to cheat for today’s A-Z challenge and share some K-related rock tracks from my collection.

One of the most willfully avant garde rock bands of the ’70s, in an era when intellectual pretentiousness, drama and bombast were practically compulsory in the world of prog, King Crimson stood head and shoulders above their less highbrow rivals.
Their continually changing lineup and eclectic mix of styles probably explains their longevity and their wide appeal accounts for the fact that they are still going strong now.

This concert was recorded in Japan in 2003 and if you’re a fan it’s well worth a watch. If you’ve never heard them before, watch it, then go and listen to their back catalogue.

Speaking of less highbrow rock, here’s some that soundtracked much of my teenage headbanging years; the glorious, big-haired, spandex-clad riffage of Swiss metal band, Krokus, with their 1980 album, Metal  Rendezvous.

One of my favourite intros to a metal album, too.

A bit more up to date for the next one and a song that starts with a K, from the modern pretender to prog’s crown, Muse and Knights of Cydonia

…returning to the good old days to end this quartet of classics, with one you may not expect in a list of rock tracks; this is Kraftwerk (yes, those robotic Germans) and a surprisingly punchy moment from early in their career, here is Heavy Metal Kids.

Play loud and enjoy, see you tomorrow.



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#atozchallenge: E is for Ecstasy…

a2z-badge_2016.jpg.jpegThere was a time in the ’90s…

Oh alright, if I’m going to do this, I may as well be honest about it.

The ’90s; when a large portion of our free time was spent having a very good time indeed, primarily due to our fascination with “chemistry experiments”, which my friends and I carried out with great dedication and regularity.

The second half of the ’80s had laid the foundation for all this psychedelic dabbling, with more organic (and free) debauchery made possible by the inordinate quantities of “magic” psilocybin mushrooms that grew in and around Crowborough, the rural Sussex town in which I grew up, along with the old faithful standby of acid (LSD).

Many of us had grown up with the hippy-trippy psychedelia of bands like Pink Floyd, Hawkwind and Ozric Tentacles, but with the new decade there came a new pretender to the throne of pharmaceutical entertainment; Methylenedioxymethamphetamine, or, more simply, MDMA, the main constituent of Ecstasy.

Or “E” to its friends. And boy, did it have a lot of friends.


Initially, some of us were wary of this new addition to the pantheon of party paraphernalia, mainly because of the nature of the music it was associated with; There weren’t any guitars! But, as anyone who has been to a rave will tell you, once you’ve spent several hours in the company of hundreds of like-minded experimentalists, you realise that it isn’t the musical genre that matters, it’s the entire experience of feeling the music.

Now, I’m fully aware of how incredibly dull and pretentious it can be, reading other people’s drug stories, so I’m not going to inflict a load of new age wankiness on you (mainly because, even back then, we thought the whole new age thing was just that, a load of wank) but I’m not going to lie to you either; for those few years, it really did feel as though there was a lot more love in the world, at a time when a whole new subculture exploded into existence, almost overnight.

New trends are always viewed with sceptical cynicism, especially when the champions of such things are the younger generation. After all, what do they know about having fun? We were the hardcore party animals, there wasn’t anything they could teach us, was there? But that’s just where we were wrong, because what we learned was one of the most important lessons, that of inclusion.

Whereas the various tribes of youth culture in the past had been divided along fault lines of age and musical genre, the E Generation didn’t seem to care if you were a hippy, a mod, a punk, a metal head or none of the above; as long as you were having a good time, treated everyone with respect and didn’t cause any trouble, you were as welcome as the most devoted raver.

I probably had friends with a wider range of ages, lifestyles and musical backgrounds in those few years than in any other period in my life, before or since, and I have no doubt whatsoever that a large part of what brought us all together was something which the rest of society (the uninitiated, as I’m sure I would have thought of them at the time) considered to be an evil and depraved substance which was quite rightly illegal.
And yet the same society will happily go out and drink themselves into a stupor on Saturday night and that’s just fine and dandy, as is the strain that their perfectly legal drug of choice puts on the NHS and medical services all over the world.

It’s strange that a drug that regularly causes fights and car accidents, incites people to rape and assault each other and is responsible for untold health issues every day, is not only available on every street corner, but is even used by the government to raise taxes, yet one that results in a feeling of love and oneness with your fellow human beings is demonized by the same government.

{Obviously it would be irresponsible of me to condone the use of illegal substances by young people, so I’ll just say that these are purely my own opinions and it’s not big or clever, don’t try this at home, just say no kids, etc etc etc.}

Somebody who has covered the subject of the E Generation in a far more reflective and introspective fashion is the fabulous Cheri Lucas Rowlands and I urge you to read the beginning of her story that begins in 1997

I couldn’t possibly go without posting some music to go with this, so I’ve picked three tunes which would have been on heavy rotation in those days (despite the fact they aren’t all strictly contemporary to the period) and are still very evocative of those hedonistic years.




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Broken Castles

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Every day I'm jugglin'.

The Write Project

"The answer is to write." - Richard Rhodes

b e t u n a d a

I'm interested in THE GLUE BETWEEN THINGS. "Back on planet URTH" i search for and study desert wombats and inukThingies (they're like inukshuks) while rambling in the high desert of western Colorawdough.

Sam Seabornen

Photography, Movies, Books

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