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#atozchallenge: W is for Wildlife…


Ok, I’ve been beaten again.
I’ve just this second sat down after being on the go since I got up, 13 hours ago, I’ve got a horrible bloody cold, (again) probably courtesy of Audrey and my head feels like it’s full of glue.

So I’m going to cheat again and put together a quick compilation of photos, based (very loosely) on the theme of “wildlife”, although “animals” would be more accurate, to be honest.



















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Dog days 6. (occasional tales of life with my people)…

Missed the beginning? Go back to part one here…

Part 6 – Slowing down.

(Translated from the original by dalecooper57)

Karla is a lady now.
She tells me so.

Karla is The Numphlet to Him and to Her.
But to everyone else I am Karla.

Now when we go out, I walk next to Her, I don’t run after things that jump in the grass.
I sniff all the wonderful smells, but I don’t want to play chase anymore.
Karla still loves sticks, but only slow ones.


Sometimes after a swim, Karla feels tired now, legs all wobbly.

But when I go out to The Park with my people and I stop to swap smells with another dog, They sometimes talk to the other dog’s people.

They say things like;
– Oh isn’t she beautiful! She’s a puppy isn’t she?
– No, she’s actually nine.
– Actually she’s ten, if you can believe that. But she still thinks she’s a puppy, that’s what it is.

(I don’t know what “nine” or “ten” is, but they seem proud of me so I jump and jump, barking and wagging my tail, to make sure They know I’m happy about it)

– See? Still a puppy at heart. Karla calm down, you’re too old for that, you’ll hurt yourself.

But Karla can’t help it.
Karla loves being outside, and sometimes the feeling of freedom is too much and I have to run and run.
But the outside is scary too, there are noises outside that frighten Karla.

Sometimes, when They are talking to other dogs’ people, they’ll say;
– She’s getting terrible now, she’s frightened of everything.
She was really brave when she was a puppy, now if someone bursts a balloon a mile away, she’s off.

Oh, Karla thinks that’s unfair.

Wait. Was that a noise?


Right, Karla thinks it’s time for a trot back to the car now.
Ok, more of a gallop really.
Well, maybe just a bit faster.

– KARLA! Mind the traffic!
– Good grief, that (bad word) dog has the road sense of a watermelon.
– You bad girl, you nearly got run over.

Back at the car now.
{Innocent look} Who, me?
Happy now, even though He is angry. He’s not really angry, Karla knows.


“Ok, we’re here now, close the door and let’s go!”

Who said anything about slowing down?

Except when we get home, then Karla does feel tired.
But that’s ok too, as long as I’m near Them.
And after all, there’s always room for one more on the big bed at sleep time.


Karla dreams of chasing sticks.
Karla dreams of chasing the big stupid birds.
Karla dreams of running and running.

Karla dreams…


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Dog days 2 (occasional tales of life with my people)…

    Part two – Learning the world.

(Trans. – dalecooper57)

So many things to learn.
So many places to explore.

I have to stay inside the lair for long.
But I can go out to the world behind the lair so not to mess inside.
I ask my People by scratching on big see-through wall. They’re pleased with Karla, say Good girl! make Karla very happy.

Sometimes, I have to go to the Bad Place, to see the nice She in crisp white skin. But I’m not feeling poorly, and she sticks thorns in me that make me feel sore.
But I can go there in the smelly moving box, and look through the clear bits to watch the big world.
I so want to explore.


Then, one day, HE puts a thing, a tight thing, around my neck.
And He puts a long thing on that
He talks to me, sounds like;
There, that’s your lead, shall we go out?

He opens the door, (the clear wall that moves is called “door”) and looks at me.
I don’t know what He expects, usually when we go out to the Bad Place, I’m picked up and carried to the smelly box.
He steps outside, and stands looking at me. He pulls on the lead thing, and I dig my front claws into the soft inside ground.

He makes the happy noise people make because they don’t have tails to wag, and bends to pick me up.
He puts me on the outside ground, and He walks away from the lair, gently pulling the lead.

I suddenly realise what is happening.
I’m going exploring!

Very, very happy!
Jump. Jump. Jump.
Grab the lead with my teeth and shake it.
This makes Him do the happy noise again, so I do it again.
Now She, and the small other he are coming with us too.
Oh, so exciting.

We all walk up a tall, hard place before we get to a huge place, covered in the gloriously soft, excitingly smelly green stuff that you can chew, and roll in, and run about and never get to the edge of.

I’m so happy.
I love my new People.

After forever (it must be forever, it seems so long) we go back to the lair.
Karla had dinner.
Karla had treats, because Karla is a good girl.

I’m allowed to sit up on the big soft thing with Her.
I lie on my back, with my legs in the air, and She rubs my tummy.
Karla likes this, and I think it makes Her happy too.


This pose always makes people happy, so I do it a lot.

We also go long in the smelly moving box to a magic place with a huge bath that goes on forever, and ground that is all soft and yellow, and you can dig in it.
And it’s better than a bath, because it moves, and you can chase Sticks in it.

Karla Loves sticks.

Karla has a special, big, round stick that can fly.


There is food everywhere. Not just Karla-food, but all sorts of things that smell so good.
Karla has her food in her special bowl, on the floor.
So. Floor food is Karla food.

There is another He who stays in the lair lots of times. Not of the pack, but kind, like my People.
He has a big soft thing that he carries on his back.
He puts it on the floor lots, and it smells wonderful.
It must be for Karla.
It must be a game, because it’s very difficult to get to. 
I reach it, and it’s all covered in shiny stuff that hurts Karla’s teeth.
But when I get to the inside, the brown, sticky, hard stuff is delicious and I eat lots and lots of it.
Then the He who isn’t of the pack comes in.
I wag my tail to thank Him, but he growls at me.

Karla is a Bad Girl.

Life is very hard to learn.
It doesn’t seem fair that dogs can understand Dog, dog’s can understand People, but people can’t understand Dog.
Maybe they take more long to learn.

I’ll have to be patient with them…

Come and see how well I’m training them…


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