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Diversion: (Welcome new followers)…

Greetings to anyone who has followed this blog in the last couple of weeks or so, it’s good to have you aboard.

The only trouble is, this is no longer an active site and, although I’m delighted that you chose to follow me, you really need to head on over to my lovely new home at Return of the Internet Nobody.

There you’ll find the same mix of regular features and random musings, all in a shiny new layout.

I knew the switchover to my new site, (combined with mapping my old domain name from here to there) would cause some initial confusion, so I’m not surprised a few of you missed the announcement, for which I apologise.

So please go ahead and use the link above to join me at my new location, where normal service has already resumed.

Thanks for you time and I hope to see you all over there soon.

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A gentle reminder…

Hello again.

I have noticed there has been a certain amount of understandable confusion, surrounding the switchover from this blog to my new home, Return of the Internet Nobody, with some readers possibly being directed to the wrong site from e-mail notifications.

So this should clarify matters once and for all:


All you need to do is to CLICK THIS LINK and re-follow me from over there.

I hope that has reduced the possibility of further misunderstandings and I look forward to seeing you all soon on my shiny new site.

Thank you for your attention and I apologise again for any unnecessary confusion.

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The last post…

This is it, the time has finally come.

I’m making the Big Leap to a brand new blog, Return of the Internet Nobody, which now resides at the domain this one occupied until earlier today.

Yes, WordPress’ Happiness Engineers have just informed me that all the virtual juggling has been completed and this post is being published at my old address, so I will now be posting everything to my lovingly crafted new site, starting with this week’s SoCS post on Sunday.

I am going to add a static page to the front of this blog, to redirect anyone who comes here to join me over at Return of the Internet Nobody, but I hope you’ll make the switch with me today by quickly following the link and clicking that follow button when you arrive.

I’m massively grateful and hugely flattered that more than 850 of you have already chosen to follow me this deep into the blogosphere and it wouldn’t have been anywhere as much fun, without all the amazing people I’ve met on my five year voyage of discovery, so thank you for your support, you’re all awesome.

See you on the other side.

Love and peace,

(Guy Thair)

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Right, where was I?

Right, where was I?

It’s here!
My new blogging home is taking shape and I’d love you to go over there and check it out in situ, so you can give me your first impressions of my creative efforts.

It is still in the development stage at the moment, but it will be up and running very soon.

Just click where it says “Return of the Internet Nobody”…


So here we are on a brand new blog, which I’ve decided to call Return of the Internet Nobody, because it didn’t appear to be broken, so I didn’t fix it. Well, I did give myself a definite article, by way of a promotion.

The Internet Nobody sounds a bit more important than just being any old nobody and I have been at this blogging lark for over five years now, so I figured I deserved some recognition, even if it was only from myself.

I’m still in the process of tinkering with the overall layout of this blog, so you’ll notice new pages and widgets being added over the next few weeks, because it’s always fun to play with new toys. In fact, the whole point of this post is so I can see what it looks like when I add new content over the top of my…

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#atozchallenge: A is for Abstract Art…

You know that comment I made yesterday about getting back to normal? Well, I’d forgotten that the A-Z Challenge began this month, hadn’t I?

So I’m going to have a go at another month of random stuff, but these are likely to be very quick posts and, since I have serious problems with any link to the Blogger platform, it’s unlikely that I’ll be doing it properly.

Anyway, here is the first day’s offering; a small selection of abstract art, created using photos I took for my week of nature photography posts.


A is for Abstract Art in the #atozchallenge


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Portions Of Various Letters Never Sent

Portions Of Various Letters Never Sent

A simple post, but powerful and full of emotion; say hello to Josh Wrenn and his Friday blog…

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Reblog: Hi fellow humans! I’m Hula Jellyfish (I wonder if that’s her real name…) – thehulajellyfish

Click the link below to enter the world of Hula Jellyfish (yes, I forgot to check if there was a reblog button again, Doh)


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Reblog: Bacon Balsamic Onion Jam

Reblog: Bacon Balsamic Onion Jam

Reblog number one today is a post featuring something I absolutely HAVE to try.

So, whet your appetite and let’s see “What’s For Dinner Moms?”

What's for Dinner Moms?

I have an onion hating daughter who when I told her she would love this was adamant that she would NOT like this and didn’t know why I was making this.  I kept telling her she would. Needless to say when we had dinner tonight she was asking for more. Her brother looked at her and said, “You realize you are actually asking for more onions don’t you?” Yes. We all had to give her a good bit of ribbing over this.


This has the tart taste of the balsamic vinegar with a hint salty bacon flavor and a bit of sweetness from the onions themselves. We all loved this and could eat it plain with a just a fork.

I served this over bacon stuffed cheeseburgers but this would also be delicious on a toasted baguette for a different appetizer or even on a cheese platter to complement…

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March of the Internet Nobody, day fourteen: Reblog week, part two…

Hello there, I hope your day has gone/is going well, depending on your timezone and that you are ready for another dose of new bloggage.

This is purely an introductory post, to let you know that today’s unwitting guests are Koolaidmoms, Stephen Baird and Dan Antion, who today bring you food, fiction and musings on life, respectively.

And, as a bonus, here is a mystery post for you to explore.

Go on, you might like it.

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Reblogged from Linda G Hill: I’M PUBLISHED!! (almost)

The extremely wonderful Linda G Hill is about to publish her first work and I can’t think of anyone who has been more instrumental in nudging me in the direction of writing fiction than Linda, so I’m glad to present her introductory post here.
Congratulations, Linda, I wish you every success.

And now I’m at a loss for words.

It’s been an interesting time to get to this point, and someday I’ll write about it. For now, I’d like to introduce you to my amazing cover, designed by the even more amazing and lovely Belinda Borradaile, to whom I’d like to express my profound thanks. You can find Belinda’s stunning artwork and her amazing writing at

Book Cover For Linda G HIll

All Good Stories is a romance novelette that was begun as a project for the A-Z April Challenge in 2014. It was originally written entirely off the cuff and posted on my fiction blog unedited.

As best friends, Xavier and Jupiter have always been supportive of each others’ romantic relationships. But when Jupiter meets Bob online, Xavier can’t help but feel he needs to come to her rescue. There’s just something about Bob. In the process of preventing Bob from wooing Jupiter away, Xavier…

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