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19. Save Thyself

Here’s the next chapter of our little space opera, Starship Gypsies, this one written by Jerry…

Starship Gypsies


Pentaethymethalyne-metalliod, commonly called “liquid hell” because of it’s extremely hot and explosive reaction with oxygen, non-reactive with nearly all chemicals and compounds, the stuff hates oxygen. One single molecule of oxygen will spell disaster every time. Therefore, after a short life as a weapon of mass destruction Pentaethymethalyne-metalliod was banned from Earth. It was quickly accepted as a rocket fuel, but it took several deadly explosions to finally isolate it from oxygen. The only safe exposure was in the combustion chamber. Very little oxygen was needed which was ideal in deep space and speeds of near-hyper could be reached. Also special fuel tanks were created to direct any explosions away from the ship structure. Legal tanks had a “rip seam” and extra plating on the vessel-side of the tank. Luckily the The Three Zees had such tanks and only one blew up, leaving them with a engine and fuel.


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New Starship Gypsies post…


Here’s a link to Jerry’s latest installment of our co-written sci-fi adventure, Starship Gypsies, click the following link to continue the story…

The Three Zees

…or, if you’re new to our little space opera, START READING HERE.

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Catch up with Starship Gypsies…

What with all the other stuff I’ve been busy with recently, (like getting my very first published stories released in paperback) I have been lamentably lax in writing another episode in the adventures of the IGV Alice Marie and her ragtag crew of Starship Gypsies (which, if you’ve missed it so far, you can start reading HERE)


So here, without further ado (or any more blatant plugging of my two debut published stories, which are also available for Kindle) is the latest chapter in the continuing sci-fi epic that Jerry and I have created.

Ladies and gentlemen…

Episode 12: Judgement Call.


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New Starship Gypsies post – 10. Hidden agendas.

The adventure continues on our sci-fi collaboration project…

Starship Gypsies


As the IGV Alice Marie blasted her way across the vast interstellar void toward Earth, Carli and Diaz continued to quietly discuss the hatch failure that had so nearly caused a fatal incident on the trip out to NASA 6.

“If that pin had sheared off whilst still in orbit, there’s no telling what kind of damage the ship could have incurred,” said Carli as she sipped a coffee in Diaz’s cabin, “we were lucky you discovered it when you did. If you’re right that it wasn’t an accident, then there’s every chance that whoever tampered with the hatch may have other plans to cripple the ship, or worse.”

Diaz considered this, grateful that her friend hadn’t rejected her suspicions out of hand and yet cautious of how to proceed, knowing that making unfounded accusations about sabotage could alienate her from the crew and very well result in her becoming…

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Starship Gypsies continues…

Here is Jerry’s latest installment from our joint project, Starship Gypsies…

Starship Gypsies


 He scrolled through his reader, looking at his blog and scanning the ‘net. Captain Toes was bored. There was a meeting in a few moments to discuss his choice of destination, Frystur, a fairly large ice planet with few Stakes of Claim for Resources. His Interstellar Planet and Heavenly Bodies Guide listed it as having methane, chlorine, and oxygen ice fields. There are also minerals and ores that have value on the Intergalactic Metals and Chemicals Exchange, so he was really excited to arrive there.

After a meeting with his bridge crew and having set the ship on auto pilot they went to hyper. He walked through the ship and stopped at the mess hall. Then he went his room, and now it was simply travel time


He entered the bridge when the proximity alarm sounded in his room. The bridge was buzzing and he could see a…

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The continuing saga of the IGV Alice Marie: 4. NASA 6…

Another day, another chapter in the life of the Starship Gypsies…

Starship Gypsies


Lazzaro left the med bay, stopping at a com panel on his way out.

“Bridge; Lazzaro, what the hell was that noise?”

“Not sure sir, we’re showing a hull breech in the cargo hold, but that can’t be right, the olefin team are down there monitoring the methane transfer.”

“I’ll head down that way and take a look,” said Lazzaro, “and see if you can raise ZT, he’s probably puffing on one of those bloody Jamaican Gold things of his, try somewhere in the garden. Lazzaro out.”

Eric Lazzaro was one of the few people who got to call the captain by his given name – the hated “Zachary” – but only when nobody else was listening. Although Toes had relented slightly when Lazzaro shortened it to ZT, (“Zee-tee”) he thought it sounded more military, Eric suspected, like the old soldiers in the captain’s vintage movies who used to call…

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Starship Gypsies: 3. Carli…

Here is a link to the latest installment of Starship Gypsies, “Carli”, and remember you can go to the widget menu to start at the very beginning…

Starship Gypsies


It was dark, but not the kind of darkness that you got because the lights were off, more the kind that came from wearing a blindfold or having your eyes screwed tight shut.

This must be one of those waking dreams, thought Carli, because I feel awake.
So, if I just open my eyes…

Ok, that didn’t seem to work, let’s try…

“Aha, the Cyclops lady is awake at last.”
The voice, somewhere very close by, made her jump

“Who’s there, where am I, what the hell is going on?”

“Well, to answer your questions in order; Eric, the med bay and ocular clone surgery.”

“Eric..?” The name was familiar, but to start with she couldn’t work out why, then it suddenly dawned on her, “Lazzaro, Eric Lazzaro? First Officer Lazzaro?”

“Correct on all three counts,” he said, the smile audible in his voice, “but you can call me…

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Interesting new fiction project in the works…

So, here’s the thing.
I was scrolling through my WordPress reader yesterday when I came upon the latest post from Jerry at Jdawgswords, a blog I’ve been following for a while.

But this post was something different from his usual style, a seemingly unconnected extract from a sci-fi story that I hadn’t seen before, which I liked straight away.

I couldn’t say exactly what drew me to it, other than to say I like the “feel” of how it was written, so I left a comment to let him know it had made an impression on me in some intangible way and left it at that.
Much to my surprise, today I found that he had written a second segment of the story which he had introduced as having been prompted by my interest in part one.

I was very honoured that he’d do such a thing and told him how much I appreciated it.

Then I had an idea.

I suggested that maybe we could collaborate on the continuing adventure, perhaps by writing alternate chapters that could be improvised as we went along, just to see where it went.

The result of this spontaneous idea was a two hour video call in the early hours of the morning, or early in the evening, depending on your point of view, since he’s in Texas and I’m in England (prior to this we had never communicated directly) and we hit it off right away.

Now, this is so far just in the “hey, that’s a great idea, let’s do it” phase, but during our introductory conversation I honestly think we may have hit upon a rather interesting new project.

I am reposting his initial, as yet untitled, piece here, just to give you an idea of the setting and lead character (the excellently named “Captain Toes”) and we shall be having further discussions on what direction the project might take. But it seems likely that we will be asking for input from other bloggers and writers, each of whom could add their unique style to the mix.

As I’ve said before, I’m a sucker for collaborations, so I’m really hoping this new scheme takes off and if it sounds like the sort of thing you’d like to have a go at, do please let Jerry or myself know, either here or at Jdawgswords.

Here then, is that opening salvo in full.
Make way for a new sci-fi hero…


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