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K’lee and Dale’s Cosmic Photo Challenge…

img_20160318_210825-picsay.jpgIt’s Monday, which must mean that it’s time for cosmic photography.

This week, it was K’lee’s turn to pick the theme and he came up with this;


This could be any type of fast car your imagination brings to the surface of your consciousness – you decide, you create…for the ‘K’lee and Dale’s Cosmic Photo Challenge’ “

Well, I drive a Nissan Micra, (not the sportiest of cars, although I love it) so I was never going to do a convincing job of crowbarring that into this post, but I thought of a way of suggesting how fast some cars were going, even if I was restricted to picking them at random as they drove past.

So here is my offering for today; I attempted (with varying degrees of success) to capture the traffic as it sped past the layby I was sitting in on the way home from working overtime on Saturday morning, then I layered the shots over each other to give this time-lapse effect…



To get involved with the challenge, post a photo to your blog, add a pingback to this post (or to K’lee’s) and don’t forget to tag your post #CosPhoChal.
Alternatively, add a link to your blog in the comments of either mine or K’lee’s post and we’ll come and check out your entry.

Any and all effects, editing, Photoshop, Instagram, morphing, collages or whatever other post production techniques you fancy are permitted, (in fact, they’re actively encouraged!) so get creative and turn your photos into artworks for the Cosmic Photo Challenge.


Here is K’lee’s photo, pop over and give him some love.


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K’lee and Dale’s Cosmic Photo Challenge…


Another composite collage for today’s Cosmic Photo Challenge, repurposing 3 images; a couple of trees and a church, to make something I’m calling The Dark Tower, see what you think…


You can check out K’lee’s post for this week HERE.

Linda G Hill’s entry is HERE.


Get involved!
Add a photo post to your blog, title it “K’lee and Dale’s Cosmic Photo Challenge”, link back to here or K’lee’s blog and add the tag; #CosPhoChal
Go on, you know you want to…

Update: WordPress pingbacks don’t appear to be working today, so please leave a link in the comments to your post.



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K’lee and Dale’s Cosmic Photo Challenge…


I’ve just about got time to fit in this week’s photo, before I get back to my packed schedule (the A-Z challenge continues later) so without further ado, here’s an odd little collage, which for obvious reasons is called “Duck tunnel”


For this week’s entry from K’lee, GO HERE and check out what he’s done.

And don’t forget; we want YOU to take part.
Post a photo on your blog and leave a link in the comments, or Pingback here or to Obzervashunal.



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K’lee and Dale’s Cosmic Photo Challenge…


Ok, this is it; the first day of a new feature on Diary of an Internet Nobody, in association with my good friend, K’lee at Obzervashunal.

From now on, Mondays are Cosmic Photo Challenge day!

Each week, K’lee and I will be posting an artistic photographic creation which falls outside the scope of mere “photography” and strays into the more ephemeral sphere of “art”, (however you choose to define that elusive term) using whatever effects, techniques or general mucking about that floats our collective boat.

We will each post on our blogs with links supplied, to enable you to check out both offerings each time.

We would also love you all to get involved in making this an interactive feature.
All you need to do is add a post to your blog, entitled “K’lee and Dale’s Cosmic Photo Challenge”, post your artistic creation and then execute a pingback, either back here, or to Obzervashunal, so all our lovely readers can come and see your work.
You can even use the bespoke badge at the top of this post if you so wish.

I decided to go with a collage for my first attempt, using elements of these images…


…a combination of straight photos, light painting experiments and a composite picture, which resulted in this, today’s Cosmic Photo:


You can see K’lee’s contribution BY CLICKING THIS LINK.

So, let’s get this feature started: over to you, my wonderfully creative friends…



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K’lee’s Cosmic Photo Challenge…

K’lee L, over at Obzervashunal, has always showcased stunning imagery on a blog that covers photography, graphics, design and philosophical musings on life and nature.

His work often combines beautiful photography, overlaid with digital filters and effects, producing ethereal, other-worldly collages that produce a very distinctive, recognisable K’lee L “look” which I have admired since first discovering his blog a few years ago.

Today’s post is no exception; a striking and colourful treatment of a picture of a lion which, if you didn’t already click the first link, YOU CAN SEE HERE.

It’s a great piece of art but I felt that, given the introduction to the post, describing how the original photo came about, it would be nice to see a little more of the actual lion through the additional graphic artwork.
Obviously I’m a fine one to talk when it comes to mucking about with photos, so quite rightly K’lee took me to task and challenged me to come up with my own obscured composite picture (just for fun; this isn’t a matter of honour, pistols at dawn type of challenge) and of course I accepted.

I decided to do just that; make a composite image from various photos in my collection, almost entirely obscuring the base photograph by layering others over it, hopefully leaving just enough that the picture is discernible through the haze.

For the sake of completeness, I’m “showing my workings”, like they used to tell us to do at school.

Since Audrey is so fond of her starring role on the blog, here is the photo I started off with…


…to which I added a few layers of flowers…


…and then just played with this image until I was happy with the result…



…and here it is.


You might prefer the original, one of the steps in between, or none of the above, but I’m quite pleased with this quick first attempt at digital camera obscura and I shall continue to experiment with this kind of enigmatic photographic art in the not-too-distant future.

Thanks for the inspiration K’lee, and keep making life that little bit more beautiful with your Obzervashuns.

Over to you…


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The changing face of horror…

Many years ago, a friend of mine (hello Becky, or “Becqui” as you called yourself back then) sent me a postcard from eastern Europe, where she was on holiday.
If my memory serves me correctly, I think she was visiting Transylvania at the time, soaking up the gothic atmosphere that gave rise to the region’s vampiric myths and legends, although that isn’t strictly relevant, as the subject of the card was a painting by an Italian artist.

Giuseppe Arcimboldo was a sixteenth century painter who took the stuffy, formal format of portraiture and gave it a bloody good shake up.
He didn’t achieve this by choosing to pose his subjects in interesting or controversial ways, but by using something other than their own bodies to depict them.

His more conventional art is now largely forgotten, but the paintings he produced in his own inimitable style are still fascinating people to this day

Here is the picture Becky sent me:


Yes, it’s a man made of fish.

He also used vegetables, plants and animals in his surreal composite images, all themed to tie in with the subject of the portrait.

I have always thought it was a fabulously warm and somehow friendly picture, and yet many people I’ve shown it to find his art disturbing and uninviting.

Which got me thinking; When it comes to the human form, what is it that makes something disturbing to look at?

Our faces are an important part of what defines our personality to other people, but not necessarily to ourselves.
Having multiple piercings, for instance, may give some folks the impression that a person appears threatening or in some way confrontational, yet (despite my own personal antipathy towards any sort of “body modification” such as piercings and tattoos) I’ve met all sorts of perfectly lovely people who, when you actually make the effort to get to know them, just happen to like covering themselves in ink and/or metal studs and are otherwise no different to you or I.


Rolf Buchholz – the world’s most pierced man. Airport security was always a lengthy process.

There are of course cultural differences;
The Tā moko face tattoo tradition of the Māori people, which has been the norm for hundreds of years, would almost certainly be deemed unacceptable in western society, a social convention which is reflected in the fact that most tattoo artists are reluctant to have their art facially displayed, even in today’s liberal society.


Māori or Sharpie – you decide.

However, the Yakuza, (famously-inked Japanese gangster hard men) cover their entire bodies with tattoos, yet shy away from continuing their decoration above the neckline, presumably to make membership of the crime organisation somewhat less obvious.

So it isn’t just how “hard” you are which determines how you wear your face, nor should you assume that someone is going to stab you, just because they’ve got Mummy tattooed on their neck.

But the use of the face to give us nightmares is a long and freakishly enjoyable tradition.
Whether it’s the simple application of grease paint to achieve the look of that most terrifying and disturbing of entertainers, Clowns


Stephen King’s Pennywise the Clown from IT – “We all float down here!” – soon to terrify an entire new generation.

…or the reliance on everyone’s ability to imagine the pain of having sharp points pushed into their flesh, like cheerful sado-masochist and Cenobite-in chief, “Pinhead” from Clive Barker’s Hellraiser (which you can watch in full at the end of this post) there is a deep-seated visceral reaction to any type of facial disfigurement.


Pinhead – “Another hedgehog joke and you’re going to hell.”

The reason for all this physiognomy fixation comes from yet another burst of photographic and digital fiddling that I’ve been engaged in this week, this time using my insertion and layering gadgets to assemble new and interesting versions of my own face, using only parts of…..yep, you guessed it, my own face.

And the odd hand or two.

The resulting monstrosities portraits were posted on my new Facebook photo page, much to the horror of several group members, who seemed to find the new me somewhat less attractive than usual.

But why? What is it about this type of  face manipulation that makes us so uneasy?
Well, now you can judge for yourselves.

Brace yourselves, it’s face time.

First of all, I went for a bit of face-palming…



…then I tried a bit more organ transplanting..


…which ended up getting a bit out of hand.


Potato head.

After that, things just got a bit silly…



…culminating in this masterpiece of unhinged and demented clownery.


All body parts model’s own.

The catchphrases of two ’80s crime-stopper shows spring to mind at this point;
“Keep your eyes peeled” (not literally) and “Don’t have nightmares.”

Here’s some bedtime viewing for you.


Bonus movie.
Watch Stephen King’s original IT ***HERE***


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The joy of FX…

My pursuit of fantastical digital imagery continues this week, with two new examples of photographic layering.

As with previous efforts, all the photos used were taken by me and all editing and effects were done on my phone.

First, here’s Haunted:


…and this one is called Janus:


Having posted both pictures to my new Facebook photography page, an old friend of mine, Rick Francis (a talented photographer whose work will feature in an upcoming post) took “Janus” and applied his own treatment to it.

This was the result:


I loved the smooth, airbrushed look of his version, so I re-manipulated the image yet again and came up with today’s final picture, which I was going to call “Iron Butterfly”.
But since that name was taken by this lot some time ago, I’m going with Rick’s suggestion, Rainbow Kiss:



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