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#atozchallenge: I is for Introduction…


I’m not entirely sure whether I’ve mentioned this before, but some of my short stories are featured in an actual book, (which is available on Amazon at that link, in paperback or Kindle edition) and there is a second anthology being released soon, which also contains one of my twisty little tales.

The stories in both of these collections are published under my real name, Guy Thair; the name under which I shall be writing an introduction to a completely separate book.

Catherine Broughton, the lady who originally approached me to submit my work for the short story collections, has asked if I would write an introduction to a “foodie book”, which will include recipes, anecdotes and other culinary  compositions.
As if that wasn’t a good enough incentive to get involved, (I do love to cook. And eat, obviously) sales of the book are raising money for cancer research, a very worthy cause indeed.

That’s still to come, (although Stories in Green Ink, the original anthology, is available to purchase now) but for now, I have another introduction to make, sort of.

I have, purely by coincidence, had reason to mention my friend, Tracy the talented artist, face painter and balloon sculptor, twice since the start of the A-Z challenge, so maybe introduction isn’t exactly the right word, but this is something new, so it’ll have to do for now.

Tracy and her two boys came round for lunch yesterday and she mentioned that she was thinking about setting up a proper site to showcase her work, as opposed to her page and the various groups she belongs to on Facebook.
I suggested that she try WordPress, as I’ve always found it to be very user-friendly and self-explanatory, so while she was here, I installed the mobile app on her phone and helped her set up her very own blog.

Since she is also involved in a challenge this month, (to paint to a theme each day) Tracy already had the ideal way to break virtual ground on her new project, the fabulously named balloonfacetrace, so please click the link below, pop over to show her some blogger solidarity (I’ve told her how helpful and friendly WordPress folks are) and welcome her to our world.





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#atozchallenge: H is for Home delivery…


Today’s A-Z post takes the form of an update on the one I posted on Monday, about Tracy the balloon sculptor.

That post generated a lot of interest and lots of praise for Tracy’s artistic skills; so much so that it prompted an interactive logistical experiment between Diary of an Internet Nobody, my friend Tracy and Bee, over at Just Fooling Around With Bee.

Bee was very taken with the Minion which appeared in the balloon modelling post (I think she is mildly obsessed with the little yellow critters, truth be told) and I joked that Tracy should set up a mail order service, since her work had attracted so much interest from you, my discerning readers.

To my surprise, Tracy seemed to have already looked into what amounts to mailing someone a box of air, as a friend had previously asked if she could send them one of her creations. She had not yet had a chance to perfect a technique for doing so, but Tracy suggested that she try it out by sending Bee her very own bespoke balloon Minion, as a test to see whether the model would retain its integrity in transit, opening up possibilities for her business to go national.

Bee sent me her address, 350 miles away in Norfolk, and Tracy posted off her inflatable yellow friend on Wednesday.

So, yesterday (Friday) I received a delighted e-mail from Bee, complete with with photographic evidence that Tracy’s handiwork had indeed arrived in mint condition…

Oooh, a parcel, exciting!

Who’s this, staring out at me?

Yay! My very own Minion!

How’s that for customer service?

As if that wasn’t enough, Tracy had Audrey round the other day while she and Tracy’s kids are all on school holidays and she kindly turned Audrey into a pink tiger for the day.
That’s not a sentence you get to use very often.




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#atozchallenge: B is for Balloons (now with added zombies)…


Day two of the A – Z challenge and I’m going to cheat already, because as many of my regular readers are aware, I often don’t even get my Stream of consciousness Saturday posts in on time, (today being another prime example) due to the fact that I sometimes have to work in the morning and then there is Audrey to keep entertained in the afternoons, dinner to cook, shopping to do, etc etc etc.

So Sunday is usually the only day I get to sit still long enough to write anything that requires even the minimum of peace and quiet, but this challenge means that I need to crowbar in a quick post before I try to write at least some of SoCS, while Audrey is out playing.

Although Audrey herself actually deserves some credit, as she was the one playing with balloons when I came home from work, which gave me the idea of showcasing a bit of local artistic talent.

As I mentioned in my photo-blog the other day, we were up on Exmoor last weekend, primarily to pick up a friend who was working there as a children’s entertainer.
Our friend Tracy has recently set up a business as a face painter and balloon sculptor and she is incredibly talented, producing endless original designs, to transform kids of all ages into everything from zombies and vampires to fairies and  animals.

But today is all about balloons, so here are some of her creations for your entertainment, including a rainbow lion, a minion, Spiderman and an Easter bunny hat, along with a couple of my favourite face paint designs.










If you are on Facebook and would like to see more of Tracy’s work (or even book her for an event) CHECK OUT HER PAGE HERE.

Update: By special request from Judy Martin, here are a couple of Tracy’s zombies.
You’re welcome.




{All photos – Tracy Osborne ©}


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