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The rise of The Woolhouse Boys…

If you’ve been reading my ramblings for any length of time, you’ll already be aware that I’m a huge fan of Twin Peaks and you won’t be at all surprised to hear that I’m looking forward to the belated arrival of season three with great anticipation.

But although I was completely obsessed with the show when it first aired, I’m not the sort of po-faced, chin stroking überfan who has an instant sense of humour failure, when someone pokes fun at the extraordinary blend of art house soap opera, surreal comedy and paranormal film noir that was David Lynch’s television masterpiece.

In fact, I’m perfectly happy to join in.

So when I discovered a Facebook group called The Woolhouse Boys, I realised that I was amongst likeminded folks with a similar sense of the absurd.

Billy Zane (above, centre; flanked by Twin Peaks’ finest, Michael Ontkean and Kyle Maclachlan, as Sheriff Harry S Truman and FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper) played a largely unnecessary character called John Justice Wheeler, who apparently arrived solely to sweep pouting, virginal sex kitten Audrey Horne off her feet whilst he lounged around in garish knitwear.

Well The Woolhouse Boys have given a new lease of life to Mr Zane’s foppish creation, skillfully Photoshopping him into a range of amusingly bizarre new scenes from the original series and beyond.

But that isn’t all, oh no; for the fascination with Mr John Justice Wheeler is primarily with his choice of woollen garment and it is the skill with which they have edited his trademark striped sweater onto various other characters that makes their photo collages and memes so hilarious. At least they are to a veteran of many a Twin Peaks marathon such as myself and I think that even non-Peakies will appreciate the attention to detail in their creations.

So I’d like to present a selection from the rapidly expanding portfolio, some of which were manipulated by yours truly; ladies and gentlemen, The Woolhouse Boys.

{Tony Stanic, Joel Peacock, Mark Zandi, Dan Jones, Christian Hartleben}

{Original source material: David Lynch/Showtime }

Why not follow the Woolhouse Boys Tumblr page to keep up with our latest creations.


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Just Jot It January: Day twenty four…


I’m going to cheat again for today’s JJIJ post, because I spent so long writing the ninth episode of The Wrong Stuff for Stream of Consciousness Saturday Sunday.

So here’s another gif for you, (no, the novelty of my new toy hasn’t worn off yet) as we enter the final week of this month’s challenge, this time a self-portrait.

You don’t mind, do you?

Shake your head..



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Just Jot It January: Day twenty three…


Just a quick one, to fulfill my JJIJ obligations before I start work on today’s proper writing.

I’ve been doing an art project with Audrey this afternoon, constructing the cardboard models that were part of a Minion annual she got for Christmas, so I thought I’d feature them in another little gif.

Happy Saturday everyone.



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Just Jot It January: Day twenty one…


I’m just jotting a quick update for today’s JJIJ post, because I’ve just received yet another award nomination and I’d like to be able to do it justice in its own post later on.


Since I told you my exciting news the other day, about being given a second opportunity to have my work published, I have sent in a story that I wanted to include in Stories In Green Ink, but which was too long to fit the submission criteria.
Well, I heard back from the publisher yesterday that it has been accepted. Yay!

Not only that, but I also managed to sort out the problem that some of my American readers were apparently having with finding the book on the US Amazon site.
I got this response to my e-mail;


I checked our US website and can confirm your Kindle book is indeed live and buyable at a list price of $6.99.

Please be assured that the book can be downloaded to all Kindle devices and applications.

If you still think they didn’t receive the correct version, you can ask them to contact our customer service at this toll-free number, 1-866-216-1072 and they will be able to push the content to you.”

So now you know.

But if you’d like to go directly to the right page, here are those links in full:

U.S. readers go HERE for both formats.

U.K. readers go HERE for Kindle or HERE for paperback.

And, just in case you think I’m only interested in plugging myself, (like the blogslut I most assuredly am) here are a couple of random artistic oddities I made.

A gif of a galaxy…


…and Fuckface von Clownstick in the role he was born to play; an unprincipled presidential candidate in Stephen King’s The Dead Zone.


You’re welcome.


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Just Jot It January: Day seventeen…


Right, one last play with my new gif maker this morning, because Audrey wanted to participate in JJIJ again, after her Star Wars poster was so popular.

So here she is and, yes, she is like this almost all the time…


…and then there’s this, a joint effort by the pair of us;


Ok, ok, I’ll go and write SoCS now.



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Just Jot It January: Day sixteen…


For today’s JJIJ post, I thought I’d get creative with a new gadget.

I’ve been trying to find a decent gif making app for a while and I seem to have discovered a pretty good free one, so I had a play with it last night and came up with these three; the first was a test to try out the video gif maker and the other two are created from existing photos.




Then this afternoon, I couldn’t resist having another go, before I began this week’s SoCS post, (which I still have to write after this one) and I decided to try a doodle.
See what you think…


Right, I’d better get on with actually writing something, see you later…


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Music, E-mails, and mixing pixels…

Despite the fact that I have done a few modest experiments in animation and video editing, (see the Sound and vision page) I was still somewhat flattered, or rather amazed, when I got a text from an old friend asking if I’d do a video for his new song.

Now, don’t get excited, I’m not going to tell you about a video shoot with glamorous models and car chases at Pinewood studios, so lower your expectations.

No, lower than that…

Ok, that’s about right.

As I indicated in my Shoot the band… post a couple of weeks ago, I have know many musical types over the years, including Duncan, with whom I shared a house in Crowborough in the early ’90s.
He was then in a band called Network who originated in the Croydon area and who have since become Exelectric.


Funky Duncan, then…


…and now.

As I said before, there’s nothing like being a hanger-on to a band for getting the vicarious buzz of live music, and I took full advantage of our friendship to do minimal gear-lugging, setting up, and ticket selling duties, enabling me to go to a great many gigs for nothing.
With the extra bonus of getting to hang out with a lots of cool people, go to parties, and generally get invited to stuff I would not usually even know about.

The band played a residency at a local Ashdown Forest country pub, now a posh wedding/conference venue, several dates at Croydon’s legendary Cartoon club, and at many pubs around Sussex, including one that was so prone to power cuts, it had boxes of candles on the walls.
At a moment’s notice, the band would have to “go acoustic” for a couple of numbers, until the lights came back on.

Since then, Duncan has done many things, including starring in a very favourably received production of Jesus Christ Superstar, and you can see Stephen Candy’s photos of that show here.

He also writes his own music (yes I know, sickening isn’t it?) and it was his new tune that he wanted some visuals for.

As you’ll hear, it’s quite a politically charged song, which I would liken to Prince’s Sign o’ the Times, in style if not in sound, and he wanted something punchy to go with the rhythm.

To begin with, I thought of using a close-up shot of Duncan’s mouth miming to the lyrics, which I could intersperse with images after synchronising the footage with the music. He duly spent some considerable time filming and e-mailing the clip, and I spent even longer trying to implement my grand plan.
After many failed attempts, and much swearing, I abandoned that option as being too frustrating, and sought inspiration elsewhere.

It wasn’t long before I thought of using gifs to achieve the punchy effect he was after.
But how to get them into a video?

I tried to theme the gif images to fit the song lyrics, but it’s incredibly difficult to synch such things with the software available to me, (due to my ludicrously stubborn insistence on using just my smartphone for all things digital) and that was before I realised that I can’t insert gifs into a video stream, because they’re continuous loops.


Back to the drawing board touchscreen.

So, how about this.
I’ve got some really nice little gifs, all made up with no place to go…

Like this…

…and this

…or this

and, not forgetting this.


But what if I film the gifs with my camera, then use that footage to make up the video?

Except, as anyone who has ever tried to video a TV screen will tell you, it’s very tricky to get a clear, steady shot, without flaring and blurring.

Right, ok, we’ll go for the intentionally blurred look then. Nobody will know.

That’s the theory anyway. Until I can find the software, or another cunning improvised technique to transfer gifs to video.
Any and all advice from any tech-savvy readers would be very gratefully received.

(It’s only fair to point out that, apart from a few of my own photos, the gifs are all made up from images pinched from Google)

So, video made, I uploaded it to YouTube and without further ado, other than to remind you this is a prototype, may I present;

He Comes To Pass – music and lyrics by Duncan Virgoe.
Fuzzy, slightly out of focus (on purpose, naturally) visual imagery by me.

Let me know what you think.
Be honest.

Update now available.


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