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When Two becomes One…

And the award goes to…..ME!

Yay me!

Oh alright, it’s a “challenge”, not an award, but it was bestowed upon me by somebody else and that’s good enough for me to call it an “award”, so I’m accepting it as such.

It’s been a while since I got a blogging award and most of the ones I have had, I’ve attempted to subvert in some way, to avoid all the accompanying “tell us sixteen random facts about yourself” type questions that usually come as a condition of accepting them.

Which is how the Tenuous Lynx was born of course, so think yourselves lucky that I’m going by the book with this one.

Well, almost.

The lovely Linda G Hill, she of #1lineWed and #SoCS fame, (I’m sure these will “trend”, or whatever these things are supposed to do, anytime now) is the originator of the First Post Challenge, at least as far as I’m concerned, so thank you Linda, and the rules are as follows:

* Copy-paste, link, pingback, etc. your first post.

* Identify the post: introduction, story, poem.

* Explain why it was your first post.

* Nominate five other bloggers.

Hmm, sounds simple enough.

Ahh, but wait, there’s a problem.

Some time ago, I have no idea how, my very first blog post was deleted, probably by me pushing the wrong button, which means that any casual web surfer who happens upon Diary of an Internet Nobody will find (if they were dedicated enough to scroll through 300+ posts) that the “first” post begins with the line, “Having posted yesterday’s introduction…” which would be a slightly odd way to begin anything.
All of which is rather a shame, because I seem to remember the introduction was pretty good for a first attempt.

Umm, I don’t really understand rule number three.

I mean, surely it’s because I hadn’t written anything else yet?

Isn’t it?
Or am I missing something here?

Anyway here are my five nominations for the lucky five who get to plunder their archives and reveal their beginnings:

Charlie Derry

Joyful Ploys


Storytime with John

and last but not least, Scully Speaks

Which should just about cover it I think, so here is my first second ever blog post.

After some thought…

Having posted yesterday’s introduction, and having had the day to think about it, it occurred to me that the obvious choice of subject matter to write about would be the one I’m most obsessed with, music.

After further reflection however, I have decided that this may lead to a certain level of subjective preachiness. I mean, I’m all for forcing people to listen to inviting people to have the opportunity to listen to a rare David Devant and his Spirit Wife CD, the latest Ninja Tune compilation, or the live All Tomorrow’s Parties set by Venetian Snares, but I can’t stand to see so many frozen smiles and surreptitious glances at watches.

The result of all this cogitation is that I have decided I shall need to follow the Growing Up In Public method, and practice my writing with an audience with the potential for an audience.


Now, even I have to admit, the thought of reading a blog composed of the literary indecision of its writer wouldn’t fill me with much enthusiasm, so I will endeavour to make this a rapid learning curve.

It is beginning to feel good though; using the parts of my brain that usually just sit at the back and throw things, they’ve finally got to sit up and do some work for a change.

Until then, however, there’s still this…

..and this…

…oh, and not forgetting this.

Hope those didn’t cause too many frozen grins.

[dalecooper57 – 19th July 2012]

So there you have it, you’ll have to be the judge of what, if anything, has changed in three years.
But if you read that when I first wrote it and you’re still here now, well, I think you deserve a medal.

Thanks for sticking with me, you’ll be the first one I call when I’m rich and famous, honest.

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