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Sunday chill: Janjot jam…

Today I’ve been mucking about with Oscilab, the loop making app that I use to construct my sonic noodlings, like Janjot, the tune I came up with to mark the end of Just Jot It January last weekend.

Following encouraging comments from my old friend Ho and fellow blogger John Howell, I decided to continue experimenting with the original tune, or at least its component parts, to see if I could improve on it at all.

The result is a slightly darker, more atmospheric number, using a bass drone to add more drama and substance to the background, while the waves of twinkly noises and percussion wash over the top.
It’s a bit of an epic production and I’m rather pleased with it.

See what you think, you can hear it in all its glory by clicking the big blue link below the artwork.



Listen to JANJOT JAM via this link.


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Looping, doodling and digital noodling…

After the nasty Crunch! sensation coming from my wrist at work on Tuesday announced the arrival of an attack of carpal tunnel syndrome, (effectively rendering me one-handed and no bloody use to anyone) I have been at home for the last few days and, lacking inspiration for something to write about, decided to try my (one) hand at another spot of animation.

Having created a modest forty second stop-motion clip, I searched for a suitably oddball soundtrack, eventually settling on a snatch of the eccentric and extraordinary Grandmaster Gareth, taken from an old cassette recording of a Peel Session.
But I like to put my own peculiar noises on these little experiments where I can, so it was fortunate that after a while I came across an app on my tablet that I’d downloaded a couple of weeks ago and not got round to fully investigating yet.


The app is called Oscilab and for under a fiver it gives you the most amazing sound and loop making abilities.
Even for a complete musical know-nothing like myself, a few hours playing around with all the parameters and settings on the various sequencers and oscillators can produce almost instantly (I think) impressive results.

My first attempt was more an exercise in trying to synchronise the images with the sound, so the “music” itself is pretty basic and you may want to lower the volume at the start, as the first note is a little piercing.
I called the animation Line and Plane.

So impressed was I with my new toy that I thought I’d have a go at composing something a little more, well, musical.

My first custom-made tune is a slightly leftfield piece of electronica which does however have a recognisable structure and rhythm.
I was rather pleased with it for a first try and I called it..

                  (Click link to play)


I’m going to jump to my third attempt next, which is a more polished affair altogether, a rather more relaxed piece called…

                    (Click link to play)


But it was the second of these chunks of electronic knob-twiddling and sonic experimentation that I was most pleased with, so I decided it needed a video of its very own.

The clip that goes with the tune I’m so proud of, and that you are about to watch (Yes, I’m talking to you. Just click on the screen and relax, it’ll only be a few minutes out of your day and you may even enjoy it) is called Junk Funk and the video was made using no digital manipulation or fancy apps whatsoever, it is all done optically.

I hope you got some enjoyment (or at the very least, entertainment) out of one or more of my audio-visual offerings, because you can rest assured that I shall continue to inflict upon you present you with any further efforts as and when the muse takes me.


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