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Every Pickture sells a story…

We live in an aspirational society, there’s no doubt about that.
Whether it’s listening to architect-luvvie Kevin McCloud wax ever so lyrical about a millionaire’s high-tech modernist mansion we’ll never own, watching the TV chef-du-jour cooking food for dinner parties none of us will ever throw, or vicariously enjoying the exotic, sun-drenched holidays of whichever faded celebrity is currently rebooting their career as a travel show host, we all fantasize about being able to afford high-status objects of desire.

This constant craving for beautiful things, the wish to experience far-flung cultures and the apparent need to document every detail of our lives in the virtual world of the internet, possibly accounts for the success of social networking sites like Pinterest and, to a lesser extent, tumblr and StumbleUpon, all of which are crammed to the brim with sapphire-blue oceans lapping on golden sands, impossibly beautiful jungle waterfalls and more sunsets, forest glades and reflecting lakes than you can shake even a very big stick at.
The trouble is, although there’s plenty of nice stuff to look at, (and you might even come across Diary of an Internet Nobody on one or all of them too) all you can do is look.
What’s really needed is a site where you can look at all this cool stuff, share ideas and suggestions with other users, and then buy the cool stuff.

Well it just so happens I’ve found just that very site, or rather it found me. is a social networking/shopping platform that allows users to “follow” a huge range of brands and products, and also to interact with others on the network, making connections with friends from other platforms like Facebook and Twitter, to exchange recommendations of everything from LG to Lego, Blackberry to Burberry and Ferrari to Fred Perry.


Once you’ve built up a profile of your product likes, or “picks”, you can assemble wish lists of items which other users can browse, leaving comments or making suggestions.
The beauty of the site is that, not only can you find the gadget of your dreams, or the pair of shoes you must have right now, you can purchase them direct from the retailers, there and then.
As you build up a network of fellow aspirational bargain hunters, you’ll discover more stuff you can’t live without, despite the fact you never knew any of it existed yesterday.
Because that’s the other thing Pickture aims to do; predict new trends, let us know what we should all be buying before every Tom, Dick and Harry jumps on the bandwagon, keeping us-in-the-know well ahead of the fashion curve.

A nice man from “Team Pickture” contacted me through the Diary of an Internet Nobody Facebook page and invited me to join the site. He was extremely helpful and understanding in the face of my usual technical ignorance and made setting up my profile page a doddle, answering all my dumb questions via Fb messenger.
I now have a whole page of marvellous things I won’t be able to afford until a rich relative dies, but there is a Batman logo bookcase I’ve got my eye on…

What I get out of this (quid pro quo and all that) is that every time someone browses one of my “picked” items they get directed to my page, where there is a link to the blog, hopefully increasing traffic and gaining me new readers.
I’d recommend it to other bloggers who want to attract more followers, if only because you can always do a bit of shopping while you’re waiting for them to turn up.


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